Through songs, stories, jokes, dances and props, Zetz educates, entertains and engages audiences of all ages about what klezmer music is and what it reveals about Jewish history, culture and its people.


"Setting Jewish Music Back a Hundred Years"

Zetz, which means to jab or poke (physically or verbally) in Yiddish, is an energetic, entertaining ensemble that charms audiences across all age groups. They fit in a variety of settings, including theaters, festivals, parties, mitzvahs, community events, clubs, restaurants and more.

Their music is firmly based in the classic klezmer traditions of Eastern European Jews, but they also take colors from across the musical spectrum. These creative musicians weave the intimacy of European chamber music together with the infectious fun and entertainment of a dance band. They perform music ranging from originals composed by their own band members to Arabic and Turkish folk songs from the 15th century, to Jewish wedding standards, to popular Yiddish vaudeville music of the 1920s and ‘30s.

Whether or not one is intimate with Jewish culture and music, klezmer music opens the door to a world rich with energy and emotion that is truly universal. It captures the poignancy and fragility of life while, at the same time, emphasizes its joys and triumphs as well.

Members of Zetz

Diane “Mitt’n” Demetras – violin & vocals
Christin “Lips” Hablewitz - clarinet, flute & bass clarinet
Neil “Pix” Ricklen – mandolin
Larry “Squeeze” Garf – accordion & piano
Betsy “Boom” Kahn – bass
Dave "Gonzo" Boesch - drumset & percussion